Data and Metrics Workgroup

DataMetrics2The Challenge: The journey to move our community from 49th in the state for overall health to become the healthiest county in Florida is long term. The only way we can evaluate our progress is to carefully monitor the steps as we move forward. As our members develop initiatives, we can see if the needle begins to move. Celebrating positive progress in the right direction will keep organizations motivated and focused on adjusting programs to have the most impact.

The Goal: To organize both a data resource structure and data value process that supports the Triple Aim goals of the Alliance in identifying readily available and needed data sources within the healthcare community and community at large; and, oversee the data resources of the adopted Alliance Triple Aim measures; and, lastly begin the development of a community data dashboard that serves as both a guidance to the MCHA goals and a communication tool of those goals to the community at large.

See the full strategic plan for the Data and Metrics Work Group.