Data and Metrics

GOAL:  To organize both a data resource structure and data value process that supports the Triple Aim goals of the Alliance in identifying readily available and needed data sources within the healthcare community and community at large; and, oversee the data resources of the adopted Alliance Triple Aim measures; and, lastly begin the development of a community data dashboard that serves as both a guidance to the MCHA goals and a communication tool of those goals to the community at large.

OBJECTIVE 1:  Establish a community dashboard for the MCHA core data and measures

Action Step 1: Evaluate utilization of UF Shands Community Health Needs Assessment online data dashboard

  • Date due:  October 2016

OBJECTIVE 2:  Refine and evaluate methods of collecting data relevant to 13 MCHA adopted measures.

  • (See attached)
  • Date due:  April 2016

OBJECTIVE 3:  Assist each of the MCHA workgroups to establish core data elements and measures to include in community dashboard.

  • (See attached)
  • Date due:  March 2016

OBJECTIVE 4:  Promote enrollment of patients into MyHealthStory as the existing community health information exchange to foster growth in near-real time electronic health record data set for Marion County residents.

  • (See attached)
  • Date due:  February through March 2016 initial education regarding opportunity, then ongoing

OBJECTIVE 5:  Develop a collection of data resources available for MCHA organizations.

  • (See attached)

Data and Metrics WG charter