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Marion County Health Alliance Vision 
To be the healthiest county in Florida!

Marion County Health Alliance Mission
Due to continued poor health factors and outcomes as indicated by Marion County Community Health Assessment, the Marion County Health Alliance will collaborate, recommend and implement strategies to improve health, reduce per capita cost of care and improve the experience of care in Marion County, Florida.  This Triple Aim framework will guide the Alliance and ensure financial responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness for the citizens of our community as we work to become the healthiest county in Florida.

Structure of Marion County Health Alliance

For far too long, Marion County has lagged behind most other counties in Florida in terms of our collective health. In fact, we only rank 42nd out of 67 counties in the most recent Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings which measures the overall health of Florida residents.

Studies have shown that much of our poor health can be prevented. However, it will take a concerted community effort to change our health outcomes. Healthcare providers by themselves cannot do it alone. Fortunately, it has been proven that in communities where business leaders, government officials, educators, citizens groups and healthcare providers collaborate together to implement health improvement strategies, the health outcome measurements of the community can improve dramatically over time. Healthier lives in Marion County would mean a stronger, more vibrant community for all of us in which to live.

The following chart demonstrates how organizations in Marion County are working together to transform our community to be the healthiest county in Florida.

Co-Integrator Role for Marion County Health Improvement