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Marion County, Florida is a picturesque community with the beauty of horse farms and live oak trees dotting the landscape. However, the health statistics do not paint such a pretty picture. Leaders in Marion County are determined to change that. The Marion County Health Alliance is a collaboration of more than 80 organizations working together to transform Marion County into the healthiest County in Florida.

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Core Health Needs Areas


One-third of Marion County adults are obese, and some estimates show among our youth it is even higher. No surprise is the correlation with almost one-third of Marion County adults as inactive. Changing behaviors to focus on nutrition, fitness and a lifestyle of positive choices will help our residents achieve a healthy weight.

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Mental Health

Emergency Department visits due to mental health reasons have been between 45 to 100 percent higher for Marion County compared to the rest of the state from 2009‐2013. More than XX organizations working to improve mental health services are now collaborating in the Marion Health Alliance to move improve mental health outcomes in our community.

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In Marion County, the adult smoking rate is 27.5 percent higher than the Florida rate and 33.1 percent higher than the national rate.Smoking leads to a number of chronic diseases such as lung cancer, emphysema, bladder cancer, asthma and more. While cessation is certainly important, members of the Marion County Health Alliance are focusing on prevention and tobacco-free environments.

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Dental Health

Between 24 and 36 percent of the low income population in Florida had regular access to dental care. During this same time period, between 17 and 30 percent of Marion County low-income residents had regular access to dental care. In Marion County, oral health visits and avoidable oral health visits to the emergency department have been nearly double the rate of Florida from 2009‐2013.

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Chronic Disease

Marion County ranks 49th in overall health among Florida’s 67 counties and the average man in Marion County is living two years less than the average Florida male. The average woman in Marion County is living 18 months less than the average Florida female. The reason? The high rate of chronic diseases: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, nephritis and liver disease are key reasons for our years of potential life lost.

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Marion County is not void of people who are passionate about improving health outcomes. There are hundreds of organizations working to impact some area that impacts community health. The Marion County Health Alliance is harnessing those individual efforts into a collaborative force to move the health ranking of Marion County to be the healthiest county in Florida.

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